Ancient Near East


This collection features ancient Iranian ceramics of the Chalcolithic (5th–4th millennium BCE), Bronze (3rd–2nd millennium BCE), and Iron (earlier 1st millennium BCE) Ages. Key works include pouring vessels decorated with rich patterns, storage jars and animal-shaped containers.

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The single item in this category is a rare rhyton, or pouring vessel, made from ostrich eggshell. It can be dated in the later First Millennium BCE.

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This collection contains some small Iron Age (earlier 1st millennium BCE) metal vessels from Iran, a “Luristan idol” with mountain goat heads, and decorative plaques from the southern Caucasus.

It also features jewelry that ranges in date from the late 2nd millennium BCE through the Parthian period (250 BCE–224 CE) and contains gold earrings, bracelets and appliqués with both floral and animal motifs. Fabrication techniques include casting, repoussé, and granulation.

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