Tibetan Scroll


A long narrow scroll painted on both sides.

The obverse is divided into three sections with the middle being the widest (approximately 8″ or 20.32 cm) and depicting the narrative. The narrative consists of a series of dancing figures (deities?) and symbols with a central blue Buddha. The figures and symbols are set in circles with lotus pedestals; there are twenty circles to the left of the central Buddha (Circle 21) and eighteen circles to the right of the Buddha. The Buddha is located in the approximate middle of the scroll. There is additional painted imagery outside the circles at the beginning and end of the scroll. The end of the scroll depicts a house and garden. The house interior includes a bed, robe, boots, sword and an animal skin. The individual circles and imagery are is described in more detail below.

The top and bottom sections (approximately 2″ or 5.1 cm) of the obverse form a border for the middle section and consist of a red inner band and a gold outer band.

The reverse consists of a central floral rinceaux pattern in rhomboid fields of green, yellow, blue and red about 16 ½” (42 cm) in length. Along the bottom is a border of gold vajras and dots. There is a consistent uncolored border along the top where the scroll was probably attached to a cotton cloth for hanging purposes. Pin holes are visible in this area.

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